Our client is a large size company in the oil and gas industry operating its IT infrastructure on-premises. The company relies on a mix of physical servers and virtual machines to run critical business applications and databases. Understanding the significance of data protection and disaster recovery, we propose to implement a robust backup and recovery solution to safeguard their valuable assets.

Oil and Gas
Cloud Backup


  • Data Protection: Ensuring the security and integrity of their data is paramount for our client. They seek a comprehensive backup solution to protect against data loss, hardware failures, or unforeseen disasters.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While prioritizing data integrity, our client is mindful of the budget constraints. They need an efficient backup solution that does not compromise on recovery capabilities while remaining cost-effective.
  • Disaster Recovery: To maintain business continuity, our client must develop a reliable disaster recovery plan in the event of a major incident at their office.
  • Solution

    After meticulous evaluation of various options, our client opts for an industry-leading data protection solution, seamlessly integrated for cloud backup and disaster recovery.

  • On-Premises Setup: We deploy the backup software within their on-premises data center. The agentless architecture provided by the backup software allows them to protect both virtual machines and physical servers efficiently.
  • Cloud Integration: Recognizing the scalability and reliability of the cloud provider, we help our client to establish an account and seamlessly integrates the backup software with snapshot capabilities. This integration empowers them to leverage the cloud storage for long-term data retention, ensuring cost optimization without compromising data integrity.
  • Backup Policies: With the flexible backup policy settings, we configure regular incremental backups to minimize data loss and maintain near-continuous data protection.
  • Cloud Backup: Leveraging the backup software feature, we help them to diligently replicate their critical backups to the cloud provider. This proactive approach provides them with a secure off-site copy of their data, augmenting redundancy, and bolstering disaster recovery readiness.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: To enhance their disaster recovery capabilities, we help our client craft a robust plan, replicating their most critical virtual machines to the cloud environment in a separate region. In the unfortunate event of a major disaster at their primary data center, they can swiftly fail over to the cloud environment, seamlessly maintaining business continuity.
  • Results

    With this implementation, it helps our client how they can leverage the powerful combination of the backup software and cloud platform to create a robust and reliable data protection and disaster recovery strategy. By prioritizing data integrity, cost-effectiveness, and business continuity, our client ensures their critical business data remains safe, available, and recoverable always.

    1. Robust Data Protection: Our client achieves a new level of confidence in data protection with their data securely backed up both on-premises and in the cloud. This comprehensive approach ensures data resiliency and recoverability.
    2. Cost-Effectiveness: Leveraging the cloud storage options, it results in optimized long-term storage costs, freeing up valuable resources for other strategic initiatives.
    3. Business Continuity: The implemented disaster recovery plan enables our client to maintain critical applications’ availability, effectively minimizing downtime during disasters.
    4. Scalability: As our client’s data grows, their backup and recovery infrastructure seamlessly scale with the cloud resources, future-proofing their data protection strategy.