Cloud Migration


A local Singapore company recognized its need to refresh its technology infrastructure significantly. Because existing users and devices are not being managed centrally, this could potentially be a security and management problem. Company data are also stored in local devices without reliable backup due to office limitation, user is concern of the impact on business continuity in situation where a disaster or pandemic were to happen. They knew the need to stabilize their environment and centralize their information, hence contacted MyNet Technologies for solutions.


MyNet Technologies successfully migrated the company device and user to a cloud comprehensive computing platform. Everything is now centrally managed, allowing security and update policy to be deployed efficiently. Important company resources, such as email, were migrated to integrate with the cloud platform. Shared data and individual user data was migrated to the cloud storage for easy access from anywhere. All data is being backup 3 times daily via a third-party SaaS protection, providing another layer of defense against malicious cyber threats and user error, and quickly recover data from the cloud. An communication tool is provided for communication between internal users and external parties securely.


With the migration to the cloud-based collaboration services and platform, it has helped to increase the company productivity and security by providing the necessary permissions to end-users, managed policy enforcement, and decreasing the likelihood of data exposure. Improved business continuity by ensuring that all cloud stored data remains at high availability and backup daily. Communication between colleagues has become seamless with documents sharing via the cloud storage, instant messaging and conducting video conferences easily with the communication tool.