Our client is a overseas based company with local presence, dealing with distribution of electric motors for over decades. They have their own server and infrastructure in place and managed locally by 3rd party IT vendor, without any intervention from their head office. With the incident of ransomware that happened in the head office, it arises awareness to the rest of the branch offices to be vigilant and implement measures.

Distributor for electric motors
Offsite Backup Solution


An overseas based company with a local presence has recently faced a ransomware threat in their Europe office. This has triggered an awareness to their branch offices and has raised the need to ensure that backup solution is in place. The local company, with that in mind, contacted MyNet Technologies for solutions on how to better safekeep and protect their data.


MyNet Technologies discusses with the customer what type of backup solution that they have at current and propose to them to implement offsite backup, with encryption. What this will do is to have the current backup data encrypted with password, held by the person-in-charge, and have their encrypted data backup to an offsite location. This will ensure that the data being secured, with the customer having peace of mind.


Data is being backed up securely and with the encryption in place, no one can access the data even if they have the encrypted data.