A local trading firm with establishment for over decades wishes to eliminate using multiple hardware for different day-to-day operation purposes. They are facing with server rack space challenges as well as a lot of things need to be taken care of. Hence, this has been put aside for long time until recent changes in direction of company.

Trading Firm


A local company is facing challenges in managing multiple physical servers and wishes to only have 1 physical hardware to worry about. They have space limitation on their existing server rack, hence contacted MyNet Technologies for proposal on how to better manage it.


The customer is currently running a domain controller and file server residing within the same server. This usually will have risks should one of the services breaks, which will affect the daily operations. At the same time, they have multiple services currently running on their other physical servers. In addition, the customer is running tower servers, which tend to use more space within the server rack. Hence MyNet Technologies proposes to use virtualization technology, allowing multiple virtual servers to be crafted to meet the needs of the customer. As for the hardware, MyNet Technologies also proposes the usage of rack-mount type of server, which greatly reduces space on the server rack.


Customer gets to manage their server at ease, with all the virtual servers and services operating within a single piece of hardware. This has greatly reduced the need of managing multiple hardware and space reduction within their server rack as compared to the past, running multiple tower servers.