Ensuring the successful delivery and optimization of as-a-Service solutions

At its core, the as-a-Service model is more about how the technology is utilized rather than where it is deployed. It is a consumption-based model that enables organizations to eliminate investments in depreciating assets and gain a flexible, scalable, future-proof IT environment.

This fact is manifested in MyNet’s as-a-Service (aaS) suite, which we call Service Provider Solutions. Today, organizations can procure everything from servers to storage to networking in a monthly, pay-per-use arrangement. These comprehensive aaS solutions are comprised of customized and client-specific hardware, software and professional service packages.


  • IT hardware delivered as-a-Service includes capacity planning services, as well as ongoing monitoring and operational management to ensure that SLAs are met.
  • Result-based and data-driven Solutions – With aaS, customers aren’t buying a box — they’re buying a business outcome. MyNet specializes our offerings to address your desired result, while continuously optimizing the solution to drive ROI.
  • MyNet uses aaS with an eye toward speedy responsiveness to changing business requirements. We adapt to and overcome your unique business challenges via innovative strategy and solutions.
  • We strive for lasting engagement and lifelong partnerships. Our overall vision is focused on providing responsive customer service and ensuring that your specific solution is successful.