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MyNet Technologies is a reliable One-Stop IT Solutions Provider that helps you to simplify your IT infrastructure effectively and productively. With more than 17 years of hands-on experience, we have helped many customers to solve many complex IT problems.


Basic IT practice is to have regular maintenance on Computer systems, Network, Server and Connectivity. All of these contributed to a business daily operation and performance. To prevent any risk of system failure that might impact the business to lose money.


A good IT practice helps you to save Cost and disruption of downtime. Most importantly, it helps you to prolong the lifespan of your IT Equipment. MyNet Technologies have a team of well-trained accredited engineers who are proactively in maintaining your IT environment to help you to minimise major downtime and disruption by conducting regular IT health checks.


In the event of problem, you also need not worry too much if you have a well-maintained system – computer, laptop, network or server will be easier to troubleshoot as well, Therefore, regular IT maintenance services also maximize the lifespan of the equipment, thus helping the company cut down on expenditure.


As we can understand the urgency to settle the IT issues whenever a problem arises. We provide customised services according to customer’s needs. We resolve IT system issues on a real-time basis based on remote support within one hour and onsite support like same business day, next business day, within 4 hours. Depending on your requirements.

Domain Name Hosting

You can purchase new domain, renew your domain or transfer your domain with MyNet.

Hosting Plans: on MyNet dedicated servers

You have the ownership of the domain.


Therefore, you will have full access to the domain ownership / whois information / name server / registrar lock / domain transfer password.


Email Hosting

Email Hosting that allows you to have more Gigabit Storage space for each user, with dedicated IP, Anti-spam solution. All email hosting plans can support POP3, IMAP. SMTP and web access, so you can use a browser or software to manage your email.


Our team specialised in IT Infrastructure Deployment by helping our customers to design the company infrastructure from server to switch to Internet. We help customers to design VLAN for network performance and monitoring and many more.   We provide value proposition to our clients.


We have long years dedicated engineers to develop and support Infrastructure Deployments. Our areas of focus are with IT architectures and solutions. We have assist many clients to solve many complex IT projects through their complete life cycle. Mainly, we help customers to save on their cost, enhances management control and improve productivity.


We will review existing hardware, software, communication environment and connectivity LAN/ WAN. To identify what are the target areas for improvement so as to define the system requirement. So that we can design the necessary architectural resources.

Virtualization refers to technologies designed to provide a layer of abstraction between computer hardware systems and the software running on them. By providing a logical view of computing resources, rather than a physical view, virtualization solutions make it possible to do a couple of very useful things: They can allow you, essentially, to trick your operating systems into thinking that a group of servers is a single pool of computing resources. And they can allow you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single machine.

On the business side, the cost benefits of server virtualization technology include increased productivity and substantial savings from reduced hardware and space requirements


We evaluate and assemble significant data to comprehend your arranged utilization, IT applications, current system, particular specialized necessities and additionally framework reconciliation touchpoints



We break down different specialized parts of the outline so your answer coordinates easily into the earth , guaranteeing an ideal end-client encounter



We display our discoveries and beginning specialized suggestions for organization, which we will base on your prerequisites


Final Report

We give you a rundown of our discoveries and the arrangement plan we suggest

At Mynet Technologies we understand that every business is unique. Each endeavor has its specific strategy for associating with its customers, assistants, accomplices and staff. This calls for adjusted courses of action that guide out the statutes advancement, system and process.


We don’t simply supply IT advantages for attempts, that is low regard incorporate, rather we help business and undertaking to use development to improve their business happens.


Our Approach

Building you the perfect solution obliges us to first comprehend your organization’s objectives for both the short and the long haul, and your business forms. We satisfy this by doing assessments and suggesting on the different innovative proposals so we can resolve the complex problems with a simple and right solution.


Organizations need to help out less while enhancing their client relations and administrations, authoritative knowledge, and dealing with the creation of products and ventures through enhanced procedures.


Associations need to assist less while upgrading their customer relations and organizations, legitimate information, and managing the formation of items and ventures through improved methodology.


We are productive in light of the fact that we comprehend organizations and how they work. Therefore we can see the ground breaking strategy and focused on quality conveyance.


The Customised Solution that we provide include:

  • HRM Development
  • CRM Development
  • Website Development & Design
  • Application Development
  • Software Development

With regards to your office sound framework, or more mind boggling sound/visual frameworks, MyNet takes a gander at how your organization uses innovation to promote your center business. Our group becomes acquainted with how your organization functions, then prescribes how new advances can bolster your current work rehearses.


New advances ought to authorize your demonstrated procedures, not constrain you to change what’s constantly worked for you. We likewise collaborate with driving sound/visual item makers to offer the best innovations at reliably reasonable costs.

With today’s threat landscape, you will have a higher chance that your IT infrastructure will be attacked with attempts to steal sensitive data. Security has become challenging especially with the rise of ransomware. To protect your company, you need to have proper security solutions. From protecting your equipment to ensuring the privacy of your data, protection suites include antivirus/ antispyware, firewall and privacy protection; data-loss prevention, automated backups and fast disaster recovery; email scanning and filtering to prevent data leaks.

No matter how small or big your organisation is, MyNet offers VoIP solution for your business that you can enjoy the speed, flexibility, and security of unified communications on your own network.


VoIP plays an important part of your unified communications solution

  • “VoIP” (voice over IP) lets you make phone calls over an IP (Internet protocol) data network.
  • Unified communications” helps you combine all of your communications-including voice, data, and video-into a secure, inexpensive, easy-to-manage solution with lots of great features.


With an Internet-based phone system on your own network, you’ll stay connected at anywhere and anytime.

  • Save cost
  • Easy Communication
  • Enjoy lots of features without hidden fees
    • Call forwarding
    • Voicemail
    • Unlimited long distance
    • Call conferencing
    • Caller ID

Depending on the business needs, companies cannot afford to have any downtime. Hence companies have engaged Mynet to design a solution to cater for their needs. By having network devices and equipment that are of the same model, we can build a high availability link, which will ensure that in the event one of the devices is faulty, the business can still continue to function and operate without any downtime affected.

Mynet has performed different types of virtualization solution, ranging from VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Depending on the requirement of customer, we can build virtual server and desktop by using hypervisor. By having such technology, the solution allows portability should there be a need to migrate the server from one hardware to another. In addition, building of a server becomes much more faster as compared to the past. This is one of the many benefits that companies are adopting virtualization.

Mynet has helped companies to implement SAN/VSAN solution for their server storage. Through this technology, it helps the performance on the storage read/write speed and also introduces redundancy. This technology allows dedicated traffic between the storage and servers access via fibre connectivity.


Mynet has helped many customers to establish inter-office connection so that the branch offices can access files and documents kept in their head office easily. By making use of firewall appliances from Fortinet, Sonicwall and many more, we can configure the connectivity between offices. This eases the file access for the branch offices and improves the productivity of staff. In addition, such setup of the connectivity will ensure that the files access/transfer between offices is secure.

Mynet has designed for many customers in deploying wireless access point. By acquiring the floorplan from customer and discussing on the location of the users arrangement, we help to arrange the wireless access point to be placed in location that can cover the office space with the wireless connectivity. Depending on the requirement of the customer, we offer a wireless controller whereby the wireless access points are managed via a single portal. This will benefit businesses if the office is pretty large and can make necessary changes on the fly. We offer various products ranging from brands such as Cisco, Unifi, Aruba, ASUS and many more.

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