Maximizing the security, availability and value of critical data assets

Data stores the life of your business, it’s time to start treating it with more commitment. Wherever data is stored, control and collect insight that equips your team with the tools you need to thrive in the future. Every step of the way, we always keep the vision of data protection in clear view.¬†Improve¬†cyberattack readiness and ensure rapid recoverability at the first sign of trouble.¬†Consolidate and modernize your data protection operations to include the ability to protect all workloads across your¬†environment, regardless of size or shape.
  • Utilize a united interface¬†to access holistic data governance, as well as address¬†cyberattack¬†detection, mitigation & recovery
  • Create less mess with a data strategy focused on reducing complexity & enhancing consolidation
  • Embed cyber resilience into every asset within your data protection arena via AI
  • Cost-optimized cloud data mobility via automatic scaling & tiering of cloud usage
  • Built-in reporting providing business visibility across on-premises, cloud & SaaS from one solution & machine learning
  • Provide faster responses to legal & compliance-related requests at a massive scale
Data Insights
Identify Stale Data/Data Type
Storage Tiering
Data Tiering
Data Migration
Data Protection
Data Tiering
Long term Retention
Data Classification
Sensitive Data Identification
Risk Management
Legal Discovery and Compliance
Value and Sensitivity
Data Privacy
Data Sharing
Sensitive Data Protection
Data Security
Data Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity
Data Access mode
Data Encryption
Password-based Authentication
Certificate-based Authentication
Multifactor Authentication
Biometric Authentication
Token-based authentication
Access Control Lists
Data Integrity
Eliminating Risk & Human Error
Security Threats control
Transfer Errors
Compromised Hardware
Duplicate Data
Access Control
Audit Trail