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The cloud offers undeniable benefits and options, allowing organizations to reduce IT complexity while increasing scalability, agility, and flexibility. However, a hands-off approach to management can result in wasted resources and unexpected costs.

A key component of any hybrid strategy is a flexible policy for determining where to place workloads. The important thing is to establish criteria that define when one or the other is better for a particular workload. Factors such as cost, security, availability, regulatory compliance and performance will come into play.

  • Increasing visibility, containing costs, eliminating data silos, scaling IT resources and protecting legacy systems
  • Analyze every application across multiple characteristics, including cloud objectives, technical feasibility and risk
  • Utilize aĀ unified backup and recovery solution for both on-prem and cloud environments that features built-in deduplication, snapshots and replication features
  • We haveĀ proven expertise in the architecture, design and implementation of both on-premises solutions and cloud solutions backed by years of experience in industry-leading data center technologies
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