IT Maintenance

MyNet Technologies is a reliable One-Stop IT Solutions Provider that helps you to simplify your IT infrastructure effectively and productively. With more than 20 years of hands-on experience
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Domain Name Hosting You can purchase new domain, renew your domain or transfer your domain with MyNet. Hosting Plans: on MyNet dedicated servers You have the ownership of the domain.
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Infrastructure Deployment

Our team specialised in IT Infrastructure Deployment by helping our customers to design the company infrastructure from server to switch to Internet.
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Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization refers to technologies designed to provide a layer of abstraction between computer hardware systems and the software running on them.
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Solution Design Service

We evaluate and assemble significant data to comprehend your arranged utilization, IT applications, current system, particular specialized necessities and additionally...
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Customised Solution

At Mynet Technologies we understand that every business is unique. Each endeavor has its specific strategy for associating with its customers, assistants, accomplices and staff.
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Audio Video Solution

With regards to your office sound framework, or more mind boggling sound/visual frameworks, MyNet takes a gander at how your...
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Data & analytics

Our team specialised in IT Infrastructure Deployment by helping our customers to design the company infrastructure from server to switch to Internet.
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Voip Solution

No matter how small or big your organisation is, MyNet offers VoIP solution for your business that you can enjoy the speed, flexibility, and security..
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High Availlability Solution

Depending on the business needs, companies cannot afford to have any downtime. Hence companies have engaged Mynet to design a solution to cater for their needs.
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Hypervisor Virtualisation Solution

Mynet has performed different types of virtualization solution, ranging from VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Depending on...
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SAN/VSAN Solution

Mynet has helped companies to implement SAN/VSAN solution for their server storage. Through this technology, it helps the performance on the storage read/write speed and also introduces redundancy.
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Inter Office Connectivity Solution

Mynet has helped many customers to establish inter-office connection so that the branch offices can access files and documents kept in their head office easily. By making use of firewall appliances from Fortinet..
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Wireless Solution

Mynet has designed for many customers in deploying wireless access point. By acquiring the floorplan from customer and discussing on the location of the users arrangement...
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IT Transformation

The cloud offers undeniable benefits and options, allowing organizations to reduce IT complexity while increasing scalability, agility, and flexibility. However, a hands-off approach to management can result in ...
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Despite widespread cloud adoption, many organizations remain in the early stages of cloud implementation. Others are moving from project-based tactics to a strategic approach, while heavy cloud users are...
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Many organizations are modernizing their operational structures in the current market nowadays. Automation is playing a key role in IT by redesign business processes to be automated as much as possible...
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Technology consulting for future-proof, forward-thinking businesses

Our experience enables us to separate exaggeration from true potential and design solutions that deliver real, competitive advantages. We also excel at identifying emerging technologies that promise to transform the way you do business.

Most importantly, our IT consultants have strong business acumen and a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges you face. This expertise — developed through engagements with organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries — greatly impacts the technology recommendations we make.

When appropriate, we even bring in vendor partners to conduct workshops to present the latest technologies and how they might apply to your environment.


Vision & Value

  • Whether managing existing technology or launching large-scale transformation, we provide customized strategy and operations
  • Establish complete, enterprise-level management and governance
  • Lead your industry with emerging technologies and next-gen platforms wrapped with expert guidance
  • Fully future proof your systems with resiliency, compliance and cost management in mind
  • Orchestrate and optimize your business’ ROI via transformative technology built with purpose

Information technology is always undergoing major changes as it relates to business. Thousands of new IT solutions are hitting the market and are quick to tout their benefits and capabilities – making it increasingly difficult for IT professionals and business leaders to select the most ideal solutions and validate their business impact.

The exponential influx of solutions combined with the growing complexity of integrations, compliance and business operations have made IT consulting more valuable now than ever before. Experienced IT consultants help you navigate through the chaos, hone on to the most beneficial IT solutions and develop implementation strategies that squeeze maximum returns from the associated costs.

We can deliver the talent you need to accelerate IT modernization and lay a path toward digital transformation. We can provide support personnel to handle help desk tickets so your in-house team can focus on key initiatives. We can place experienced engineers and strategists to help you develop your technology roadmap.

IT Systems are no longer simply business tools — They are often the prime movers of business.