Customer is a newly setup Child Care / after-school care Center. With the whole setup starting up from zero, we are asked to proposal and install the CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi in your childcare center. Main goal of these setup is to enhance the safety and security of the center, while also providing a convenient and efficient communication platform for staff and parents.

Child Care Center
CCTV and Wi-Fi Implementation


Enhance Security: The primary objective of installing CCTV cameras is to ensure the safety and security of the children, staff, and premises. The cameras will deter potential criminal activity, improve staff accountability, and provide evidence in case of any incidents.

Improve Staffs Peace of Mind: By having access to live camera feeds, in-charge of center and authorize staff can check on the well-being and daily activities of children, providing them with assurance and peace of mind. They can also monitor staff activities.

Streamline Communication: The provision of Wi-Fi will enable efficient communication between staff members, allowing for quick updates, coordination, and access to important resources.

Establish a Technologically Advanced Reputation: By embracing technology, your childcare center will establish a reputation for being modern, innovative, and committed to the safety and well-being of the children in your care.

Online Teaching Material: With Wi-Fi establish throughout the center, staff can easily access teaching material online in a timely fashion.


MyNet Technologies conducted a comprehensive assessment of the premises to determine optimal camera placement, and the determination of the locations for the WI-FI access points, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout the facility.

Installation of high-quality CCTV cameras are done in strategic locations, including entrances, hallways, play areas, and outdoor spaces, ensuring maximum coverage. High-speed Wi-Fi access points are installed to handle the expected number of users, with appropriate security measures in place to protect sensitive data. Configuration of the network is done for seamless connectivity and create both internal and guest access for both staffs and visitors to the center.

Training is provided to staff members on the proper usage of the system and monitoring procedures, and on the accessing and utilization of the Wi-Fi network effectively.


By implementing CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi in your childcare center, you will improve the overall safety and security of the facility while also providing a convenient platform for communication and peace of mind for both staffs and parents. Staffs can easily access teaching material in a timely fashion and children’s activities are closely monitored to ensure the well-being of the children and the smooth operation of your center.