Network Improvement


A household company which has been operating for more than 90 years in Singapore, is looking to improve its office network performance and security. They have been dealing with slow and inconsistent network and are concerned about their network security due to all the modern cyberattack threat that many companies are facing. They seek MyNet Technologies to improve their network infrastructure.


MyNet Technologies reviewed the company’s existing network structure and recommended to improve by subnetting the network and re-configuring of firewall security policy. Efforts were made in planning and executing the process while reducing the impact and downtime to end-users. By understanding the company work process and requirement, we have split the existing large network into smaller groups of interconnected networks. We have also assisted with reviewing their network hardware devices to ensure they are up to date against potential modern cyber threats.


With the changes made to the company IT network infrastructure, we have monitored and seen improvements in network performance and reduced network congestion. Potential network threats are also monitored and notified, allowing actions to be taken against the threat. Internal security has also improved thanks to the separate network for each part of the office.