Challenge A local company is facing challenges in managing multiple physical servers and wishes to only have 1 physical hardware to worry about. They have space limitation on their existing server rack, hence contacted MyNet Technologies for proposal on how to better manage it. Solution The customer is currently running a domain controller and file […]

CCTV and Wi-Fi Implementation

Challenge Enhance Security: The primary objective of installing CCTV cameras is to ensure the safety and security of the children, staff, and premises. The cameras will deter potential criminal activity, improve staff accountability, and provide evidence in case of any incidents. Improve Staffs Peace of Mind: By having access to live camera feeds, in-charge of […]

Network Security

Challenge Our client faces the following challenges in their network security: Unauthorized Access: They have experienced instances of unauthorized devices connecting to the network, posing a significant security risk. Guest Access Management: They need to efficiently manage guest access while ensuring these devices don’t compromise the network’s security. Solution To address these challenges, MyNet Technologies […]

2FA Solution

Challenge Currently, they need to manage with different vendors to protect against remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation and other attempts to take over their accounts. They also need to prevent unauthorized access to corporate networks, cloud storage, financial information, etc. Seeking a 2FA solution would protect their applications against cyber attackers. Solution MyNet […]

Video Conferencing

Challenge Well-known US MNC client rely on Video Conferencing for Business to seamlessly connect more than 1,500 employees worldwide. They have concerned with connecting to these three offices between US, India and Singapore among all their branches. Existing using a very complex communications platform with too many different solutions. Main issue also unreliable and poor […]