Offsite Backup Solution

Challenge An overseas based company with a local presence has recently faced a ransomware threat in their Europe office. This has triggered an awareness to their branch offices and has raised the need to ensure that backup solution is in place. The local company, with that in mind, contacted MyNet Technologies for solutions on how […]

Cloud Backup

Challenge Data Protection: Ensuring the security and integrity of their data is paramount for our client. They seek a comprehensive backup solution to protect against data loss, hardware failures, or unforeseen disasters. Cost-Effectiveness: While prioritizing data integrity, our client is mindful of the budget constraints. They need an efficient backup solution that does not compromise […]

2FA Solution

Challenge Currently, they need to manage with different vendors to protect against remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation and other attempts to take over their accounts. They also need to prevent unauthorized access to corporate networks, cloud storage, financial information, etc. Seeking a 2FA solution would protect their applications against cyber attackers. Solution MyNet […]

IT Maintenance

Challenge Established Financial Institution with an estimated total staff strength of 50 managed by only 1 IT Manager to fully in charge of their entire IT system. This can be time consuming for 1 person to maintain all the IT systems and servers, therefore they decided to look for a one- stop IT vendor and […]

VOIP Deployment

A well-known local home grown brand health care organization wants to replace existing PBX phone system to VOIP for all sites. Due to high telecom costs, the management is looking at ways to reduce costs. The existing PBX system and ISDN setup is overall still maintaining well just that the quality of voice is not clear some times. And also they were getting expensive to maintain based on their usage. Therefore, they approached MyNet Technologies to design a better and cost-savings solution to this problem.