Discovery We evaluate and assemble significant data to comprehend your arranged utilization, IT applications, current system, particular specialized necessities and additionally framework reconciliation touchpoints Analysis We break down different specialized parts of the outline so your answer coordinates easily into the earth , guaranteeing an ideal end-client encounter Review We display our discoveries and beginning […]


Main Cloud Security Concerns Many organizations have decided to move sensitive data and important applications to the cloud, but concerns about how they can protect it there abound. Data Loss/Leakage Cloud-based environments make it easy to share the data stored within them. These environments are accessible directly from the public Internet and include the ability […]

as-a-Service Provider

Ensuring the successful delivery and optimization of as-a-Service solutions At its core, the as-a-Service model is more about how the technology is utilized rather than where it is deployed. It is a consumption-based model that enables organizations to eliminate investments in depreciating assets and gain a flexible, scalable, future-proof IT environment. This fact is manifested […]

Single Point of Contact for any Renewals

Never have to worry miss a renewal. When you need it, you have it all covered. Dealing with multiple hardware and software vendors and their unique maintenance and support stipulations can be a major source of frustration. Our Contracts¬†Renewal¬†Team can streamline and simplify this process, eliminating substantial administrative effort so you can have more time […]

Professional Services

IT Maintenance MyNet Technologies is a reliable One-Stop IT Solutions Provider that helps you to simplify your IT infrastructure effectively and productively. With more than 20 years of hands-on experience Discover More Hosting Domain Name Hosting You can purchase new domain, renew your domain or transfer your domain with MyNet. Hosting Plans: on MyNet dedicated […]


Delivering effective solutions for addressing cyber threats A modern misconception that lasts today is cybersecurity only impacts your business. In fact,¬†cybersecurity affects everyone‚Äôs business. While enterprise organizations are often targeted, the consequences of an attack can significantly damage people and their lives. In our connected world, breaches and hacks have far-reaching implications. It starts with […]

Data Management

Maximizing the security, availability and value of critical data assets Data stores the life of your business, it’s time to start treating it with more commitment. Wherever data is stored, control and collect insight that equips your team with the tools you need to thrive in the future. Every step of the way, we always […]


Migrate, monitor and manage any landscape via automation Many organizations are modernizing their operational structures in the current market nowadays. Automation is playing a key role in IT by redesign business processes to be automated as much as possible. Manage your infra regardless of size or shape (private, public, hybrid, multi) Zero-Touch Automation Design Integrated […]


Despite widespread cloud adoption, many organizations remain in the early stages of cloud implementation.¬†Others are moving from project-based tactics to a strategic approach, while heavy cloud users are looking to optimize costs and service delivery. When adopting cloud solutions and services, adapting to a forward-thinking strategy is key to ensuring your system can scale and […]

IT Transformation

The Future is now. Are You Ready?   HYBRID INFRASTRUCTURE The cloud offers undeniable benefits and options, allowing organizations to reduce IT complexity while increasing scalability, agility, and flexibility. However, a hands-off approach to management can result in wasted resources and unexpected costs. A key component of any hybrid strategy is a flexible policy for […]